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The Simplest Way to Offer YOUR Clients After-Care Monitoring.

Intelligent Drug and Alcohol Monitoring Platform
  • Increase long-term recovery success up to 90%

  • Intervene in real-time

  • Family and accountability group participation

  • White label (your company logo)

  • Additional revenue opportunity

After-Care Monitoring for Recovery Centers, Treatment Facilities and Addiction Professionals

Daily Check-Ins | Random Screening | Spot Checks | Circle of Support™ | Notifications | Monitor Behavior

The Path to Recovery — Strongest with Daily Check-Ins

Hayver is the only ONLINE Daily Check-In system.

In one minute every day, your clients can build the bridge from recovery to long-term success, with the Hayver Circle of Support™ and random urine testing as part of their relapse prevention program.


Clean and sober

Increase success from the traditional 5% — to 90% of people who are clean in 5 years.


Proven method

A Daily Check-In is the ONLY thing that works to help clients be drug-free or maintain sobriety.


Informing supporters

Through Notifications, the Circle of Support is informed about the Daily Check-In status.


Random & accurate testing

State-of-the-art, random urine screening detects alcohol or drug use in the previous 5 days.

Supporting Recovery and Growth with a Circle of Support™


Together, we can! 

The Circle of Support™ helps to monitor the client in your After-Care program.


Join the 90% Team™

Together, we create the Circle of Support your clients need to ensure a full recovery.

Their circle can celebrate their integrity as they complete the simple, daily online check-in and random urine screens.

Overcoming the Battle

Seeing Life in a Whole New Light
Hayver lets their supporters know they are experiencing success!