Log in using user name followed by password

You will arrive at your home dashboard which will be your home screen.  It is divided into 4 quadrants with menu options listed at the top!

The top left quadrant is for the following:

Click on Check in Button in the upper left quadrant of your dashboard

Upon Check- in:  You will be presented with either a message in the same check in box that you have been selected for testing today or that you have not been selected for testing today.

If you have been selected for a test:

You are presented with 3 options:

Submit test now.  ( You are ready to take test now and have a Circle of Support partner with you to confirm test) Take test have support partner confirm results of test and return to app to submit test results

Submit test results as positive ( which means you are testing positive for one of the drugs or alcohol being screened)  Which means you do NOT have a double line on all 12 panels.

Submit test results as negative (which means you are testing negative for all drugs and alcohol being screened.)  Meaning you have 2 lines on all 12 panels.

App will ask you who confirmed?  Select from the menu of accountability partners and then click submit test

Submit later:  Same process as above when you take the test later.

Pending lab results:  This means if you are utilizing a lab, the results will be submitted at a later date after lab results come back.

If test comes back invalid, then input invalid

Submit later:  Same process as above when you take the test later.

Top right quadrant

Displays your sobriety days and your check in rate that is updated daily

The bottom left quadrant 

Gives you your check in rate relative to the entire population utilizing the app

The bottom right quadrant:

Gives you an option of various menus to dig deeper into your app

Manage Partners:

Here you are able to add people into your Circle of Support or delete partners from your Circle of Support.

To add partners simply click on the Green + button at the top right portion of the page!

You will receive a window to complete for your new Circle of Support partner.

Enter first name, last name, email address and cell phone number

To delete a partner, simply click on the red delete button below that particular partner.

Manage Account:

Click on this button and you can update the following:


Member Plan


Change Password

Profile Image



One can change address, Change cell phone number, Change email

Change Password:
Opportunity for patient to change their password

Profile Image:
opportunity to upload a picture

This is where you can manage your alerts ( both email and text alerts)

Under these options, one can opt out, select text only or email only or both and it gives you an opportunity to select the times you wish those alerts to occur.

Check in History
This section displays the history of your monitoring events.  For example, if you have not started over then you will observe only one line illustrated on this home page.  If you have started over, then you will see a new illustrated line reflecting activity since that start over date.

To view specific of each event, click on blue button titled View History.

Here you will see all check in dates, your check in rate associated with that check in, if there was a test for that check in, who verified the test, the results of that test, the test date and the date and time of the submitted test and finally if you requested to submit the test later.

Start over:

This is where you have the opportunity to simply start over.  You will have a new monitoring event and be prompted to enter a new sobriety date and all metrics will be reset.

For further Help Information, please call or email for support.
Email –
Support Phone –  1-844-874-4226