Hayver: Designed to maintain recovery.


Together, We Can!!


Recovery Plan

$49.99 per Month

  • Daily Check-In
  • Randomized alcohol and drug screens sent every month
  • Urine screening cups delivery included
  • Spot Checks — chosen by Circle of Support group members
  • Completely covers 30 days of urine testing

Recovery Partner

Program Plan

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  • Treatment Centers
  • Recovery Residences
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Contact: Chris Tompkins at 678-733-9096 or Email Chris Here.

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Your Recovery Plan is built on a strong foundation of science

Improve your chances of staying in recovery with monitoring.


Individual Recovery Plan:  $49.99 per Month

The science behind Hayver comes from MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and PET scans (Positron Emissions Tomography) of alcoholic and drug-addicted brains from people in recovery. This ground-breaking research shows, via these imaging studies, that it can take 18 to 24 months – or TWO years of complete abstinence — for alcoholic and drug-addicted brains to be repaired. Like this science, we want to restore health to your brain. What this requires is enough time to heal so that your brain is indistinguishable from brains affected by alcoholism or addiction.

In other research, medical physicians in recovery are typically required by their profession to participate in monthly testing programs in order to prove they are fit to practice medicine. It is interesting to note that most medical physicians are randomly screened between 5 and 10 years after treatment. Once monitoring is discontinued, a few professionals relapse and find themselves back in treatment between 1 and 10 years after stopping a monitoring program. Therefore, many physicians feel it’s beneficial to stay in a monitoring program for many, many years — even after mandatory monitoring has been discontinued.

The MRI and PET scan studies reveal that the brain is just beginning to show noticeable improvement at 4 to 6 months of sobriety. Thirty to ninety days in recovery simply does not cut it. The brain is not healed by then, and has no defenses against drinking and/or using drugs. Additionally, if you are just coming out of a recovery treatment program, returning home is extraordinarily stressful to the recovering person and their family. Common experience shows this to be true.

Please give yourself the greatest odds of recovery! Hayver has been built for your success.

What is a Spot Check?


$14.99 per Spot Check Urine Screen … included in EARLY and QUICK START Recovery Plans

  • The Spot Check provides the Circle of Support the opportunity to request a Spot Check for the Member at any time.
  • Once ordered, the next time the Member completes their Check In, they will automatically be selected for urine screening.
  • The Spot Check allows any Circle of Support person who suspects the Member is drinking or using drugs to avoid a confrontation.
  • No arguments. No lying. The urine screen will identify the truth.
  • The screen covers drug and alcohol use in the last 5 days, sometimes up to 10 days.
  • Let the Hayver program do it’s job. Avoid a fight, especially if the member is intoxicated or high.


Together, We Can!