Why Hayver Makes Sense for Your Facility

After-Care Monitoring for treatment centers, recovery houses, addiction professionals and employee assistant programs (EAPs).

New After-Care Monitoring for your facility

Get more clients back into recovery to support the healing process


Be the first to know when clients are relapsing

Anywhere. Any time. We do all of the work

The client and family can be contacted immediately

Long-term recovery success up to 78%

Hayver allows you to intervene and re-admit to recovery

New revenue stream

Recovery is Hard.

But relapsing is even HARDER.

That’s where you come in.

  • You have a great program — but once your clients leave your facility, data shows that up to 97% of them will relapse.

  • Your reputation is riding on their success.

  • What if, instead, 78% of people were sober at 5 years?

Your recovery program can have a 78% success at 5 years.

Join other organizations who are part of the 78% Team.

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Together, we can create the Circle of Support your clients need to maintain a long-lasting recovery.

The World’s Most Advanced Platform

Designed to give the brain the time it needs to heal.

Easy-to-Use App for Daily Check-Ins

Detect Drugs and Alcohol in Previous 5 Days

State-of-the-Art Random Urine Screening


Digitized Documentation


Allows Complete Monitoring Upon Discharge


Spot Check and System Notification to Supporters

Time-Stamped Data Entry

Builds Trust and Confidence in your Circle of Support

Monitor Your Stats

Compare Your Performance

Free Up Your Staff to Do More Important Work


Online and Real Time

Daily Check-Ins | Random Screening | Spot Checks | Notifications | Circle of Support | Monitor Behavior

Praise for the Hayver Circle of Support™

Aftercare monitoring is essential for long-term recovery. Kevin McKnight, MD

Recovery Specialist, New Bern, North Carolina

I have done daily check-ins the hard way ... I am so impressed with the Hayver system -- it will make things so much easier And, now so many more people will be able to lead happier, more productive lives -- like me. Bob Michaels

Person Who Has Been Clean for 5 Years -- because of daily check ins

"With the HAYVER Platform, we can extend our staff’s ability to support and monitor our residents’ ongoing recovery,” Sanders commented. “The application allows us to create an accountability network outside the walls of the residences. These circles of support share in their daily victories, such as overcoming the impulses to renew previous addiction related behaviors, and they give encouragement that reinforces our residents’ recovery journey." Beth Fisher Sanders

Founder and Executive Director, Hope Homes Recovery Services

Together, We Can!

The Hayver Circle of Support combines with daily check-ins to increase success from the industry average of 5% . With Hayver, 78% of people can now be clean at 5 years.

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