Hayver’s solution helps manage, track and hold accountable populations in order to:

1.Mitigate COVID-19 community spread

2.Monitor viral expansion so resources can be applied in a directed fashion

3.Enable society to go back to normal in a controlled manner, once the viral expansion has been contained

Protection of the Vulnerable and Flatten the Curve by Mitigating the Spread

Compliance of the Population + Efficiency of Public Services to Manage Increased Heavy Load

Maintain (controlled) Movement of         Persons + Goods

The key is to triage:

Identify and isolate the infected people

Predict those who may or will become infected

Release the healthy ones back to work in a controlled fashion


 Hayver Core Function

1. Daily Diary to Screen, Triage (recommend action) and Monitor
2. Testing Management and Resource Prioritization
3. Restrict Travel from High Risk to Low Risk Areas
4. Quarantine/Isolation Management & Enforcement
5. Analyze Clinical & Other Data for Best Practices & Predict Spread
6. Circle of Contacts for Notification & Support
7. GPS Tracking for Proximity Analytics & Contact Tracing/Notification
8. Telemedicine and Content Distribution


The key is to triage to identify and isolate the infected people

Protect vulnerable populations

  • Optimize care of fragile populations
  • Provide shield against infections
  • Assure social distancing

Flatten the curve of infections (Community Spread)

  • Break the chain of infection
  • Identify source of infection chain
  • Identify + isolate infectors (confirmed + potential)


The key is to triage and predict those who may or will become infected

Impose + Enforce Quarantine

  • Provide conditions that will ensure compliance when prolonged self-isolation / quarantine of potential infectors and/or populations at risk is required
  • Provide public health offices with tools to control + enforce quarantine

Ensure Continued / Heightened Care

  • Establish lines of communication
  • Monitor for both virus symptoms and exacerbations of pre-existing conditions
  • Provide telemedicine options to avoid non-essential physician/provider visits
  • Assure supply with food and daily necessities 
  • Facilitate digital contacts



The key is to triage and release the healthy ones back to work in a controlled fashion

Alleviating public healthcare system burden

  • 360platform
  • Prevention of exhaustion of critical hospital resources
  • Public health offices: Less workload for case workers
  • General population: Improved compliance
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less costs
  • Better outcomes

Keep the economy going

  • Keep disruption in movement of persons and goods to a minimum
  • Allow society to maintain (controlled) participation in economically important activities




  • Our population monitoring and accountability platform was originally developed in 2017 and focused on substance abuse disorder (addictions) but designed to be applied to any disease monitoring and management effort
  • Population monitoring is key to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Hayver is configured to monitor and hold infected patients, plus their contacts accountable
  • The key elements of monitoring are deterrence, accountability, rewards and real-time intervention. We have extensively tried and tested these elements

Hayver is a constructive solution for the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has already been in-market for two years. Adaptations of the Hayver platform are in place for COVID-19, with more to come


Population Monitoring & Control

Monitoring of Carriers and Contacts

  • Regular Check-Ins via Daily Diary
  • Identity Verification
  • Real-Time Intervention
  • GPS Tracking + Geofencing
  • Circle of Contacts & Support
  • Telemedicine
  • Secure Digital Travel Cards

Artificial Intelligence

  • Recognizing trend
  • Providing early warnings despite overlapping symptoms due to pre-existing conditions

Optimizing Healthcare Resources

  • Just-in-time
  • Only when necessary

Barry Hayut, CEO

Mr. Hayut is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hayver Corporation since 2017. From 2011-2016, Mr. Hayut was the Chairman and CEO of Xcite Health Corp., an electronic health record, practice management and billing medical software company and sold its business to a major US digital health company. In 2002, Mr. Hayut took over as CEO of Modern Medical Modalities Corp., a publicly traded company, who owned and managed outpatient radiology centers. Modern Medical Modalities was in financial distress at the time Mr. Hayut began his tenure and over the next 8 years he turned the business around, quadrupled revenues, and sold the business to RadNet, the largest outpatient radiology company in the U.S. From 1992-2002, Mr. Hayut was a corporate finance and investment banker.

Mr. Hayut received his Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

Minesh Patel, CTO

Minesh Patel is the CTO of Hayver Corp. and is leading the development of the Hayver Platform. Mr. Patel served as CTO of Xcite Health Corp., a medical software company, from 2011-2016. Minesh Patel is the CTO of Hayver Corp. and is leading the platform development. Mr. Patel served as CTO of Xcite Health Corp., a medical software company, from 2011-2016. From 2003-2010, he was the CTO and CFO of Modern Medical Modalities Corp., a publicly traded company, an owner and management company of outpatient radiology centers.

Mr. Patel received his undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis and an MBA from Georgia State University.