The pandemic has brought about a multitude of tragedies and fears. Even the bleakest of experiences, however, can result in some good. The positive effects of coronavirus outlined in this article show that light can exist in the middle of the pandemic’s darkness.

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In the midst of coronavirus-induced anxiety and grief, here is a list of the remarkable positive occurrences derived from Covid-19.


  1. Pollution Reduction


In places that have put social-distancing policies into action, the quality of water and air is improving. Many factors contributed to this step up in quality: less cars and other sources of transportation are on the roads, limiting the pollution they produce; people have retreated from public areas to their homes in historically unparalleled numbers; and industrial production has slowed.


Large cities, such as Bergamo, Italy, typically release the highest levels of pollutions, but even their pollution percentages have fallen in the wake of quarantine. The nitrogen dioxide concentration in Bergamo’s air during a certain week in March was 47% less than the pollutant’s concentration during the same week in 2019. This significant decrease in Europe’s air pollutants has also been documented in other countries, like the United States and China, following the implementation of Covid-19 social distancing measures.


While the quality of cities’ air and water will drop to normal levels once quarantining is fully lifted everywhere, the temporary improvement that has been made in such a short amount of time proves that our society can major positive effects on the environment when the right measures are taken.


  1. A Boost for Tech Business Niches


Due to Covid-19 confining the populations of many countries to their homes, the demand for remote payment and communication options has risen. Interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and in blockchain-based businesses has grown considerably, and companies that offer videoconferencing have gained a vast number of new users. Though many people and businesses are using videoconferencing out of necessity, a percentage of them will probably decide to add this form of online communication to their usual ways of contacting employees and customers, once things go back to normal and everyone heads back to work – in-person.


New technology is also gaining traction. Businesses are facing a heighted need for quick and dependable remote communication, which may move up a more widespread use of VR technologies and 5G on the public’s list of priorities. Police are also utilizing drones and apps that are tailored to police work to help maintain social distancing.


  1. Increased higher education acceptance rates


In light of Covid-19 and its effects, a number of American universities and colleges, as well as some in the United Kingdom, are anticipating a possible drop in the number of applications from those hoping to enter institutions of higher education. Therefore, in the fall of 2020, many of these institutions are be accepting more students than their typical acceptance rates would allow. Entering your dream school could be a more reachable dream, though the most prestigious of schools with already long waitlists likely won’t be raising the numbers of applicants they accept.


The online learning that Covid-19 has necessitated could also make more students consider whether online schooling might benefit them than in-person learning.


  1. Exposure of the weak spots in healthcare systems and economies


Covid-19 caught the economies and healthcare infrastructures of many countries terribly off-guard. It’s saddening that the discovery of these weak spots had to be wrought with so much grief and pain. The pandemic has forced officials of all kinds into situations that simulations and training couldn’t fully encompass. Now that the flaws have been exposed and pinpointed, there’s hope that those in charge will learn from the mistakes that have been made and strengthen the systems that are in place, in case our society must be tested this harshly again one day.


For more information about the benefits that have come from coronavirus, visit the source content at the Entrepreneur website.


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