Ideology of Addiction Recovery Communities and the Blockchain

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is one of the most successful and long-standing organizations in the area of addiction recovery. Their meetings and programs are at the heart of most addiction recovery communities. What few people know is that AA continues to grow and thrive through anonymity, decentralization, and self-governance. And, that these are also the hallmarks of the blockchain.

Blockchain technology allows for a decentralized, self-governing network. In other words, it allows for the creation of an immutable trusted transaction (some refer to this as a trust-less transaction) even in the face of an untrustworthy participant.

Recovery communities and individual AA groups are teaming with unwilling and untrustworthy participants, yet manage, when challenged, to fall back onto basic recovery principles and traditions (like a country’s constitution) for continuity of the community.

The Comparison: Ideological Breakdowns

Some of the similar principles and traditions that hold the recovery community and blockchain community together are based in anonymity. Communication can be decentralized and self-governed with this technology. In other words, each group can remain autonomous. Plus, each group can be self-supporting and crowd-funded. This is because blockchain allows for anonymous, trusted (or, as was aforementioned, trust-less) transactions. Additionally, the recovery community can connect with patients in a way that is both personal and secure. This allows for a convenient and efficient method of maintaining a circle of support for the addict.

Despite these benefits, there are inconsistencies that still need to be worked out with blockchain technology. One example is the anonymity vs. know your customer (KYC) conundrum, and transaction arbitration governance. However, as far as appealing to an already existing community with similar ideologies, the recovery community is ideal for quickly adopting and using goods and services developed on blockchain technology. To learn more about how blockchain can impact the recovery community, see the source article at the NIH website.

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