Announcing the Launch of Hayver to Address the Epidemic of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism with a Revolutionary, First-of-its-Kind Verification Technology to Improve your Chances of Staying in Recovery with Monitoring

Atlanta, Georgia

Hayver Corporation is announcing today a state-of-the-art smart phone app and verification technology to address the number one national health epidemic: addiction. Drug addiction and alcoholism kill 50,000 people every year and affect over 21 million Americans. This exceeds the number of people currently fighting all forms of cancer.

Hayver offers an easy-to-use, intelligent solution to the drug and alcohol addiction that is tearing families apart, killing our loved ones, and filling up our nation’s jails and prisons.  Hayer’s solution is based on a methodology that works, it is a simple-to-use drug and alcohol verification platform that requires daily check-ins and random urine screens, while providing a real-time view into the addict’s progress towards staying clean and sober.

Dr. John Copenhaver, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Hayver, developed this simple but comprehensive way for addicts and alcoholics to stay in recovery through intelligent and consistent drug and alcohol monitoring.

Dr. Copenhaver has stated, “Our platform offers a first-of-its-kind solution to address all of the horrific news we hear every day regarding the drug addiction and alcoholism epidemic. We must stop this roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, treatment centers and insurance companies only allow the patient 30 to 45 days of in-facility treatment for a disease that has been years in the making. Addiction hijacks the brain. And, to heal, it takes a minimum of 18 months of complete and total abstinence from any drugs or alcohol.”

Hayer’s program suggests that the addict or alcoholic person be intelligently screened for up to 5 years after treatment.  Dr. Copenhaver further states:  “Even after 30-45 days in treatment, the person’s brain cannot make sound and logical, everyday decisions.  The Hayver program of daily check-ins, and utilizing a Circle of Support which includes family and loving friends, allows the team to help the person get better.  The support team is able to offer praise for successful behaviors and encouragement when behavior may drift off track.”

Mr.  Barry Hayut, Co-Founder and CEO has emphasized that “It has become clear that a paradigm shift in the recovery industry must occur for successful long-term treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.  Everyone suffering from this illness, especially those leaving a treatment center or recovery residence, must be, at minimum, peer-group monitored for 5 years following treatment.  Ideally, this should occur in a five-year after-care monitored group.  This is how doctors who are addicts take care of themselves. And, for physicians, the five-year success rate is up to 78% versus all other groups at only 3%.  Prior to today, the problem has been that affordable programs for all other people battling this disease have been cost prohibitive. With Hayver, a cost-effective solution for all people is now available. This will allow everyone to increase recovery rates up to 78%.”

Too many people have been touched by this horrific and deadly disease.  For more information, and an overview of this first-of-its-kind verification technology to keep up to 78% of people clean and sober from drug addiction and alcoholism, see the website at

HAYVER provides a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind verification technology to monitor those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, to help ensure they are drug-free and alcohol-free. With daily check-ins, a unique Circle of Support (an accountability group), and random urine screens, Hayver helps people stay clean and improve their long-term recovery success. Because Together, We Can.

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