Safety Net Recovery, a recovery residence for persons overcoming addictions and substance abuse, will use Hayver Corporation’s innovative technology to support its goal of compassionate structured care.


Safety Net Recovery, which provides treatment for persons suffering from drug and alcohol addiction through its residency programs, will use Hayver Corporation’s proprietary software application and system to support its clients and promote long-term sobriety.

Safety Net Recovery has residential facilities in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Greenville. Its complete care approach includes individual and group counselling conducted by certified addiction specialists, and now will incorporate the Hayver digital healthcare system.

Hayver’s easy-to-use drug and alcohol monitoring application is an important tool that assists patients in maintaining a circle of support upon transitioning back into their community and helps extend the likelihood of continued sobriety.

Taylor Hagin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Safety Net Recovery, explains that he was introduced to the Hayver system at the opportune time. “For the last couple of years, I was considering developing an app that would simplify drug and alcohol monitoring,” he said. “Then earlier this year, my old friends John Copenhaver and Noel Orsborn met with me and showed me exactly what I had envisioned.” Hagin is convinced of Hayver’s value. “We know that long-term monitoring works, and we are happy to be collaborating with our two friends, John and Noel, to augment the care of our clients in this way.”

Steven Herndon, President and Co-Founder of Safety Net Recovery, said “At Safety Net, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing high-end structure and accountability. We call this ‘super-sober living’. What makes Hayver so unique is that they can personalize the check-in process for us so we have real-time coverage and are not just waiting for clients to call our hotline.”

“Having the Hayver app, we can stand ahead of the curve,” Herndon said. “Everybody remains in the loop, and the Hayver system provides another layer of accountability so that clients get used to checking in and get used to doing that next right thing. Hayver provides an extension of what we do on an everyday level.”

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Hayver, John Copenhaver, M.D., vouched for Hayver’s ability to support the road to recovery. “Our smartphone application and system gives the individual structure to maintain their recovery through the random possibility of a drug and alcohol screen. Partnering with quality recovery residences like Safety Net Recovery, and utilizing today’s technology and traditional modalities, form a complete recovery infrastructure.”

Safety Net Recovery has certified addiction counselors at each of its facilities. Its programs are based on a multi-layered approach that, at its core, emphasizes five principles: surrender, faith, willingness, purpose, and grace, to successfully transition clients from addiction to life in recovery. Safety Net Recovery is a member of the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association and the National Association of Recovery Residences, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.


Hayver provides a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind verification technology to monitor those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, to ensure they are drug-free and alcohol-free. Hayver is based on new research showing how to heal an addict’s brain, through well-tested proven methods that can ensure 90 percent of people are clean even after five years. With daily check-ins, a unique Circle of Support (an accountability group), and random urine screens, Hayver’s advanced analytics ensure those addicted to drugs or alcohol get clean, stay clean, and improve their long-term recovery success.

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