“Daybreaker founder Radha Agarwal’s wants to eradicate the Solo cup from campuses—here’s why and how she’s getting students to swap keg stands for handstands.”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.wellandgood.com

Daybreaker, a global company, has made it its mission to bring sober events to college students. The company supports substance free clubs in major cities across the world, like New York and Hong Kong. The co-founder and CEO, Radha Agarwal, explains that their goal is to “eradicate the solo cup”.

“Our goal is to bring such epic performances, DJs, and experiences to the kids that they have so much more fun at Daybreaker than they do at some sort of drunken frat party,” –Radha Agarwal


Daybreaker’s Campus Beginnings

An article on Well+Good offers some reasoning behind the university launch of Daybreaker. Agarwal first introduced the company to college campuses when she learned about two suicides that occurred at a friend’s college. Both suicides involved drugs, prompting her to discover that approximately 1,825 die from alcohol-related injuries each year. Then she learned, through the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, that 60 percent of college students drink alcohol each month. While, 97,000 students experience sexual assault due to drinking alcohol. This prompted Radha Agarwal to take action against the stigma that drinking is an essential part of the college experience.

“Our goal is to turn the word on its head and redefine what it means; have sober mean connected, present, vibrant and here in your own skin.” — Radha Agarwal

From there, Daybreaker Campus begun with fun events and parties that have been exciting for students. These events have had Djs, dance troupes, and even morning yoga, but none included alcohol. Many students have had positive responses, commenting on the fact that “everyone’s fully present” and that “it was one of their most memorable events of the spring.”

Daybreaker is currently on 35 campuses, and interested college students can sign up for updates here.