College students often use substances to help manage the demanding rigors of higher education. In this article we discuss recent stats on drug abuse among college students.

Recent Statistics on Drug Abuse Among College Students

With the demands of higher education and the influence of popular lifestyles, there has been increased drug and alcohol abuse among college students. Students may use marijuana or alcohol to relax, and/or medications for ADHD to concentrate. Students may also be introduced to illicit drugs such as cocaine and opioids.

Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse state that drug and alcohol abuse among college students is higher compared to other young adults who do not attend college. Drinking games and binge drinking continue to be common practices at parties among college students. The 2015 Monitoring the Future survey also reported that about 32% of college students participated in binge drinking in the past two weeks, compared to only about 24% of young adults not attending college.

Among college students, daily marijuana use continues to increase, marking marijuana the drug of choice. This increase may be due to the rising belief that marijuana use is not dangerous. In the 2006 Monitoring the Future survey, 55% of young adults considered marijuana use as dangerous. Later, the 2014 survey found that only 35% considered it dangerous, in addition to finding that daily marijuana use has surpassed daily cigarette use.

Amphetamines for ADHD, such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse, are commonly used at college campuses. Although these medications may be legally prescribed for people with ADHD, many healthy students abuse the stimulants to be able to study for longer hours and produce more schoolwork. These students may have faulty beliefs that such drugs are harmless, but on the contrary, drug abuse among college students may cause many harmful short-term and long-term effects. For more information about these risks and more, see the source article at the Launch Centers website.


If you have a college student that you know who has become dependent on these substances, it may be harming their ability to function properly. Sometimes, it is important to consider an intervention and recovery treatment services. This is especially important now that drug abuse among college students is on the rise. Once someone has committed to staying clean and sober, Hayver provides an excellent way for individuals to obtain the support and monitoring that will keep them clean. Contact us at info(at) for more information.