“Drug addiction is a health and education issue,” Robertson tells Lifestyle. “It’s not a criminal issue. It’s a behavioral issue. We don’t have bad people, we have bad behavior. Address the behavior.”

This article provides a number of useful tips for understanding the relationship between stress, drug addiction and substance abuse. Also, it includes information about recovery from addiction.

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Drug Addiction and Stress

Peter Bruce Robertson “works as a case manager at After Care, a nongovernment organization which looks after people recovering from mental illness like schizophrenia and depression. His specialty is drug-induced psychosis.” Following a visit to TCI Village, a drug and alcohol recovery center in the Philippines. Robertson explains his views about managing stress in a healthy way in order to overcome addiction. He teaches a martial arts class at the center which emphasizes the importance of exercise, breathing, and relaxation to reduce the effects of stress.

Robertson believes that stress is the main cause of substance abuse, and as the world grows more stressful, people continue to turn to unhealthy ways of coping. Because of this, his goal is to teach others what creates good health and he explains that it must be a holistic approach.

Is Recovery Possible?

Robertson states that most individuals can have a successful recovery, but the level of functionality will be different with each person. For example, brain damage caused by addiction creates additional difficulties during recovery.

According to Robertson, one of the most important factors in the fight against addiction is educating students in an honest way. They all need to learn about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and how they are personally affected.

Furthermore, drug addiction is stressful for the addict as well as for the family. So, it’s important  to ensure that everyone has the support and resources they need to deal with addiction. To learn more about drug addiction and stress, check out the source article at the Inquirer website.

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