A new alcohol and drug recovery app that incentives users with its own cryptocurrency hit the market this week. Atlanta-based Hayver has just launched its new mobile app that uses behavioral modification and a support network to help people who are living with alcohol addiction.

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Havyer is an innovative telemedicine company that provides innovative and digital solutions to help drug addicts manage relapses. The technologies utilized by Hayver can service outpatient care, employees, or client monitoring for those trying to manage their addition. Recently, the company is exploring new ways to help addicts that involve blockchain technology. Hayver Drug and Alcohol Duitcoin Program uses cryptocurrency rewards to help structure rehabilitation programs and to incentive recovery.

The Havyer app provides a peer-to-peer network of addicts that rewards addicts for their Hayver Recovery Score and contribution to the network of their fellow addicts. Being in the network is thought to help intervene and manage addicts before they relapse again. Drug addicts can “check into” the app to let people in the network know they are still sober and that they are following their addition protocol. Users for staying sober receive Duitcoin, a special cryptocurrency maintained by Duitcoin. Duitcoin can be redeemed for more addiction services with Hayver, saving drug addicts money, or it can be donated to other drug addicts to help them get more treatment. Duitcoin provides a monetary incentive for users to stay sober and to use the app.

Critical to the effectiveness of the app is that provides series checks and balances for drug addicts. The app includes, but is not limited to, random drug tests of users. People within a drug addicts network can check in on them and order drug tests. Moreover, the app provides a higher level of accountability and support for users than conventional support groups. This app is relatively new and has the ability to revolution addition treatment. It will be interesting to see what type of drug addiction the app works best on for treating users. Drug addiction networks work typically well for Alcoholics and those addicted to soft drugs such as weed. To find out more about Duitcoin and how it can add new dimensions to treatment services, visit the source at https://www.mobihealthnews.com/content/drug-recovery-app-hayver-uses-cryptocurrency-incentive

This project by Hayver was made possible because of a partnership that Hayver developed with Applied Blockchain. This partnership allowed them to functionalize the app. Havyer continues to revolutionize the drug treatment industry using the latest technologies. Havyer’s innovate techniques continues to provide drug addicts with novel ways to beat their addiction. For more information, please visit www.Hayver.com contact us at info(at)hayver.com