Getting Started

Why It Works:

Strength through Daily Check-Ins and the Circle of Support


Simple Concept

The thought that you can get away with using drugs or alcohol occurs at some point with every person in recovery. Hayver provides a strong psychological deterent when it’s most effective in stopping these dangerous impulses in their tracks.


Strong Deterrent

Hayver deters your client from acting on their dangerous impulses through their knowledge of the possibility of a daily alcohol or urine test.


Support the Right Choice

Recovery requires support and accountability so the patient’s brain has time to heal. Hayver technology provides this foundation in a simple, easy to use and cost effective mobile application. Give your clients the best chance of long term success with Hayver.


Repair & Heal the Brain

Our Platform, backed by Science is a vital part of a proven, highly effective treatment plan that provides those who need it most the best possibility of long term sobriety and helps their supporters share in and facilitate their success. Give your patients the time and confidence to rebuild self control and give their loved ones the joy of participating in the shared victories group participation in the Hayver System creates.

Improve your Chances of Staying in Recovery with Monitoring

How it Works. (click on + below)

Here is How it Works. (click on + below)

Sign Up and Choose Circle of Support
  • Sign up and add people to your Circle of Support
  • Fundamentally, this is your accountability network
  • Choose people who care about you … it is critical to the success of the system
  • These are the people that will receive text messages or emails on a daily or weekly basis on your progress
  • They will know your check-in rate and will verify your urine alcohol and drug tests
  • These are the people who you trust and to whom you are accountable
Daily Check-In and Notification
  • After you sign up, download the app to your iPhone or smartphone
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, then you can log into your account from a PC, Mac or tablet
  • Check in the very first day you sign up via the Daily Check-In screen
  • It’s super easy – you just click one button to acknowledge that you’ve Checked In
  • You and your Circle of Support are instantly notified if you’re randomly selected for testing that day
  • GREAT – do this every day and you will automatically score 100%!
  • On a DAILY basis, after you click the Check In button, your Circle of Support will be notified that you have checked in
  • Recovery is a daily process
  • Check in again tomorrow!
Testing and Verification
  • Within a few days after you sign up, you’ll receive an unmarked package at the address you specify
  • The package contains the urine alcohol and drug screening tests for you to use at home
  • Your first RANDOM possibility of being tested doesn’t occur until we are notified by the delivery services that you’ve received your screening tests.
  • As you log in on a DAILY basis, you and your Circle of Support will be notified if you have been randomly selected for testing that day
  • If you have been selected for testing, fill the sample cup halfway, with your own urine, and follow the testing instructions provided with the kit
  • The easiest way to verify results is to simply show someone in your Circle of Support – being accountable to them and yourself is critical for the success of this program
  • Enter your urine test result into the Hayver system (instructions provided in the kit)
  • Enter the name of the person who has verified your result into the Hayver system
  • Check in again tomorrow!

Choosing the Circle of Support

This is a powerful way to rebuild trust back into your relationships.

Only abstinence, consistency, and behavioral changes can rebuild trust.Word’s aren’t enough. You need time and consistent behavior to succeed.


Your partner

Most married people will want to put their wife or husband in their Circle. Often the spouses have the most to lose and have the most difficult time trusting the individual.


Your children

People with grown children may wish to include their children in their Circle. Rebuilding trust in that relationship is important because what human being truly wishes to continually harm and disappoint their children?


Your parents

Your mother or father should be considered to be in the Circle. They are usually your greatest supporters when things get really ugly. And, so often, they do get ugly very quickly with drugs and alcohol.


Your employer

If your job is at stake, put your boss or a co-worker in your Circle. If your drinking or using drugs continues, your behavior will always deteriorate and you will lose your job, anyway.


Your sponsor

A 12-step sponsor is certainly a person to include in your Circle of Support.

Choose people who care about you, choose people who love you, choose people who truly wish you to succeed in your recovery.