Stress is something that, as adults, we have to live with every day. This is especially true for those in alcohol or drug addiction recovery. Managing stress during substance abuse recovery is an important way to prevent relapse.

Stress During Substance Abuse Recovery

This article highlights the role of stress during substance abuse recovery and provides some tips to manage it. Although everyone must deal with stress, those in recovery risk relapsing without specific techniques to reduce stress levels.

There are several ways to keep stress from becoming unmanageable. When anticipating a stressful situation, mindfulness is one way to remain calmer. Ignoring feelings instead of accepting them creates mental and physical difficulties and can make recovery even more of a challenge. Mindfulness, on the other hand, entails noticing your emotions as an observer who is free of judgment. This provides a more objective approach to solving problems.

Some additional ways to keep stress from intensifying are through planning ahead and time management. According to the Discovery House, “Time management is essential, especially for those in the first 90 days of recovery. Life is full of things that need to be done and when you plan ahead. That way, you don’t have to make decisions when you are feeling vulnerable. You will already have your answer.” In addition, a healthy diet combined with exercise can keep stress from spiraling out of control and being prepared makes it easier to maintain a lifestyle that will support managing stress during substance abuse recovery.

While these methods help to keep stress at bay, what’s the best approach when stress levels are already taking a toll? Removing yourself from the situation even for a short time can make a significant difference. A change of scenery, a quick walk, or any other kind of healthy distraction can bring stress back to a manageable level. For more useful stress management tips like these, visit the source article at the Discovery House website.

Managing Stress During Recovery: Next Steps

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