The Importance of Addiction Support

Generally, dealing with addiction is difficult for those directly affected as well as their family and friends.  Here are some suggestions for anyone who wants to support a loved one fighting addiction.

Huffington Post reports that: “[F]or the estimated 21 million Americans living with substance use disorders, support from friends could be the first step toward getting treatment.”  Research consistently shows that addiction support from loved ones will increase the chances of someone seeking addiction treatment.  If you have a friend dealing with addiction, you may not know what to do. This article provides a few suggestions for anyone who wants to offer support.

6 Ways to Offer Addiction Support

Talk to your friend. Open the channels of communication in a nonjudgmental way.  Let them know that you are available to listen and willing to help them find resources for more help.

Don’t enable your friend. Avoid supporting the addiction by loaning your friend money or helping them get out of addiction-related dilemmas. Instead, offer to help them find a treatment program.

Consider an intervention. A social support network is very important for long term recovery.  An intervention is one way to get more friends or family involved, as well as a professional therapist or intervention strategist to guide the process.

Consider tough love. Sometimes distance can provide the incentive that someone struggling with addiction needs to commit to their recovery process.

Take care of yourself. Loving someone living with addiction can be very difficult. If your emotional and physical needs are taken care of, you can support your loved one. For example, consider going to therapy or AA to keep yourself safe and healthy while supporting your friend.

Stay in touch and continue to offer addiction support during recovery. Continue to reach out, lend an ear, and be a friend as your loved one proceeds with treatment. For more tips on how to stay in touch with someone struggling with addiction, see the source article at the Huffington Post website.

Hayver recognizes the importance of social support to succeed in addiction recovery and has included peer-to-peer accountability in its digital behavior-change platform. For instance, a member’s “Circle of Support” is provided with activities and notifications to aid in recovery. For the source content, visit the Huffington Post website. To learn more about Hayver’s approach to addiction treatment, visit or contact us at info(at)