If you’re recovering from addiction, here are four practices usually applied to business innovation that can help.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: addictionblog.org

This article explains the connections that can be found between business and health, specifically substance abuse recovery. According to the article, “recovery is like a business process. The more you innovate, the closer you get to your true self.”

During our lifetime, we go through many different phases, such as high school, college, starting a family, etc. Each phase requires new kinds of adaptation, or self-innovation. From the lessons he’s learned in business, the author of this article, Ted Izydor, applies four main approaches to recovery.

  1. Identifying and understanding the problem is important for a business to grow and improve. In a similar way, although many individuals deny that they have an addiction problem, acknowledging it is a critical healing step.
  2. Once the problem has been acknowledged, brainstorming is an important step in coming up with solutions. The more a business brainstorms ideas for its products, the greater the likelihood that they will come up with the most efficient solutions. Similarly, the more ideas an individual can apply to their recovery, the better.
  3. Prototyping is an important part of the business process, and it often takes many attempts to get things right. For someone in recovery, there are many options to try out, such as 12-step meetings, entering a treatment program, or learning about the experiences of others who are in recovery.
  4. After trial and error, choose what works the best. Businesses make assessments based on the best outcomes, and those in recovery must discover what works best for them.

Ultimately, it’s important to view recovery as a chance to create new sense of self, with new innovations, ideas, and priorities along the way.

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