A better understanding of substance use disorders may reduce associated stigma, but for families with a history of addiction, the shift may feel too late. It’s important to learn how to recognize the signs of addiction and seek help before this serious problem takes over someone’s life. Unfortunately, it can be hard to convince a loved one to seek help when addiction is so constantly stigmatized.

Stigma and Addiction

Drug addiction has caused many families to experience pain and heartbreak. For many, this is largely because of the opioid crisis. However, today there are many resources to help users get past addiction. These resources treat addiction using the best technology available, combined with the formation of a solid support system. Together, these two important elements help addicts on the road to recovery.

Even though we have these resources now, social stigma surrounding addiction was once much higher. Back in the 1980s, drug addiction was criminalized. The punishment was prison time, and no help was offered. Nowadays, people see commercials about drug recovery programs to help drug abusers get past their addiction. This is an important cultural shift. The normalization of addiction and recovery programs help more people than ever seek help for themselves in this area. In addition, scientific advancement has made recovery programs increasingly beneficial for addicts. Modern technology can aid addicts and medical professionals in creating a powerful, personalized treatment plan for each individual. To read more about how technology is changing the rehabilitation industry, see the source article at the Harvard News website.

The Reality

According to Harvard, “As noted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 75% of all opioid misuse starts with people using medication that wasn’t originally prescribed to them. Furthermore, 90% of all addictions begin either in adolescence or early adulthood, while most of those who misuse opioids already have a prior history of abusing alcohol and other drugs.”

With addiction that is beginning so early, finding help for family members requires immediate attention. Drug abuse can be stopped with the appropriate help and resources. This is especially true now that addiction is better understood, and the stigma around it has decreased.

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